Nation - Wide Freelance Design Services * Since 2005

Designed trademark logos are affordable and designed at a professional quality. Why have a logo? A logo is a symbol that identifies you and your business. A beautiful design tells more than just words. Have clients see a design that they will automatically understand what it is. Obtain several free proofs before any payment is asked for! Art work that may need a touch up, or certain clipart images, an extra charge may apply. Final logo designs are able to work on the web as well as printed materials.

How Does This Work?

First: The ideation and sketches where you will contact me and let me know what you are looking for. Sometimes having samples sent to me helps greatly.

Second: Proofing stage where I will send you some samples from your ideas and I send revisions to your email for you to look over, print out and make possible changes to the samples I provided.

Third: You will give the "ok" to finalize the logo and submit a payment. I will either send you a zip folder through email which you will have to download and extract all files. For an extra cost I can mail you a CD. Although, I have archives it is strongly recommended that you back up your own work.

Below are real sample logos out of hundreds that have been designed, and possibly still in circulation today. Free clip art images were possibly used in some designs. No logo shall be used unless notified by the owner. Some logos below are for idea purposes only, and may not be used in any other form without consent from the original creator.